About ME

I’m focused on developing videogames, applications and simulators. My creativity and innovation helped me to produce a multimedia tool used for the rehabilitation of children. Thanks to my expertise, I am able to successfully create game design, programming and make 3D and 2D resources for prototypes. My work has been published in several national and international publications. I have succeeded to satisfy my clients and have already reached an important number of users and fans.

Innovation in every project
Easy solutions for your problems. 

My Skills

I am specialized in providing unique, clean-coded, and powerful Games and Apps with outstanding support!


Advanced use of unity for five years.


Creation of User Interface.


Modeling of simple objects.


Advanced use for code the scripts.


Implementation of code in Objective-C before build.

Android SDK

Solve Android build problems for use of plugins.


Implementation of hardware and software for interactive projects.


10 years of experience making games and apps with C#.


2 years of experience with JavaScript.


Use in the development of a social network.


Use for communication between the social network and Data Base.

Data Base

Manage of tables for games scores and the social network.

Web Develop

Develop of Video Games and Apps for websites and Facebook.

Facebook SDK

Advanced Use of Facebook SDK in Video Games and Apps.

iTunes Connect

Advanced Use of iTunes Connect for manage of games and Apps.

Google Play

Advanced Use of Google Play for manage of games and Apps.


Almost 10 years of experience programming and making video games

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Juan Manosalvas

1990: Was born (Ecuador)

2005: Learned to program (Ecuador)

2005: Created my first video game (Ecuador)

2008: Graduated from high school with a specialization in computer (Ecuador)

2010-2012: Study technician in video game development Image Campus (Argentina)

2011-2014: Founder and Development Lead of Global Pixel Studios (Chile)

2012: Release of my indie game called Wild Heroes on App Store with more than 700,000 players (Chile)

2012-2013: Development Lead of Good-Factory (Chile)

2014: Development Lead of Macrobio (Chile)

2014: Release of my social network Stories with a work team (Chile)


My lastest news

Stories Finalista Premios Avoni
El cuarto y último finalista es Stories, una aplicación móvil
Chilenos lanzan aplicación para escribir cuentos breves
Pensada  para escritores aficionados como profesionales, tres jóvenes
Movistar Gente Extraordinaria
A los 19 años salí de casa para



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